Life transitions

As people with busy lives, we’re not great at taking time out and asking ourselves if we’re fulfilled. It’s often only when we reach a transition point in our life, or a time of challenge, that we stop and ask ourselves if the way we’re living is really making us happy and serving our needs.

We specialise in working with people who are going through a life transition.

A life transition is time of significant change, both emotionally and financially. And it’s also a time when we focus on re-establishing our direction of travel – our purpose. It may be a specific area of your finances that has brought you here. While we will, of course, help you solve this problem, from our experience it’s often just the tip of the iceberg and an indication that you could benefit from a “bigger picture” approach to your finances.

In many cases, clients come to us thinking they need answers to a technical pension query, when in actual fact the real question that needs addressing is far more broad than that.

All transitions start with an ending. Letting go can be really hard to do, but, painful though it is, a transition is an opportunity to create, renew and develop into what you want to become.

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