Our approach to fees

Our approach to fees differentiates us from many other financial planning businesses and it’s something we’re very proud of.

We think it’s really important that you have a chance to get to know us, understand how we can help you and – more importantly – how we can add value to your life, before you part with any money.

For this reason, the first four stages of the process – getting to know you, identifying your goals, researching recommendations, and building your financial plan – are at our expense.

We are very unusual in not levying a charge for the creation of your financial plan. But we don’t believe it’s fair to ask you to part with money unless you can see that what we’re proposing is good value and will help you achieve your aims.

What will you be asked to pay for?

We charge fees for the implementation of a financial plan and for our ongoing services in supporting you to achieve the goals set out in that plan.

Those stages of the process are charged as:

  • Implementation: A one-off implementation fee
  • Ongoing services: An ongoing fee

At your first meeting with us, once we have had a chance to get a really clear understanding of your needs and the complexity and scope of the work you’d like us to undertake, we will provide you with a complete breakdown of the costs of that work.

We regularly check we’re competitively priced and, we’re delighted to say, we are.

We also know, however, taking those first steps can be daunting. Please be assured, we never agree to undertake work where we do not feel strongly that the value we can add more than outweighs the cost of our service. When it comes to implementation, we’re confident you won’t feel worried about the cost.

Is financial planning good value for money?

We hold particularly strong feelings on this… absolutely, yes! But I guess you could say, we would say that, wouldn’t we! Our enthusiasm comes from the fact we see the positive results of our work every day. We know that personalised financial planning has the ability to transform lives, deliver financial freedom and enable clients to live comfortable, fulfilled and secure lives.

You may also be interested to know that recent studies back us up on this, showing that financial planning brings both financial and emotional gains for people who engage with it. Households that received advice ended up between 16% and 21% better off than those that didn’t1 and clients who were engaged in ongoing financial planning overwhelmingly reported an improvement in their emotional wellbeing and sense of security about the future2.

1 Source: ILC and Royal London, ‘What it’s worth: Revisiting the value of financial advice’ https://www.royallondon.com/siteassets/site-docs/media-centre/policy-papers/ilc-what-its-worth-final.pdf
2 Source: Royal London, ‘Feeling the benefit of financial advice: How professional support