Velocity gave me sensible, down-to-earth and understandable advice

Hi, my name is Jane, I’ve been a client with Velocity for approximately two and a half to three years now, and I work with Tony Ross.

I got in touch with Velocity, because I was embarking on a divorce, which was obviously going to have a financial impact and I needed some support with information that needed to be collected, and matters surrounding that.

I was recommended to Tony, via my parents. They have been working with him for a number of years, and they described him as very down to earth, very human, but also, giving sensible advice on all things relating to financial matters.

I chose to work with Tony and the team, because after an initial conversation with Tony, I really felt like he was somebody that understood what I was looking to achieve. He gave me sensible, down to earth, understandable advice, and that was important to me, at such a crucial time.

If I hadn’t sought help from Velocity, I definitely wouldn’t feel as confident about my financial situation as I currently feel. I feel very much in control now and I’m certain that without the support of Tony and the team, I wouldn’t be feeling like that today.

With regards to my divorce and financial settlement, Tony’s advice was invaluable in helping me identify what were the best assets for me to retain ownership of. Which pensions I must keep and what other assets were most important to me. The best thing about working with Tony and the team, is that they took the time to understand me and my situation, they are incredibly helpful and supportive. At times of crisis, they go above and beyond to help you.

The three words I would use to describe Velocity and the team are “human“, “friendly” and “professional“. With Velocity, they are very keen that you feel part of the Velocity family. To enable that, they have a calendar of different social events that each and every one of us is invited to throughout the year. I like this because it makes them a bit different. We’re not only focusing on the serious financial things, we do have a good time together.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Velocity to any of my friends or colleagues that happened to be going through a divorce. The advice that I received from Tony at the time was compassionate, but without the emotion. So yes, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.