Working with Velocity makes me feel reassured about my finances

My name is Andy Chandler, I’ve been a client of Velocity for a couple of years and my adviser is Tony Ross. 

Initially I got in touch with Velocity because I think I’d reached that point in my life, when I thought, I’m reaching that stage, age wise, with complexity as the children were getting older, and I really wanted to be a bit clearer about my financial future. 

The reason I chose Velocity, and Tony, I think having met him, it’s quite an act of vulnerability to share your finances. It’s not the stuff that we’re used to sharing in detail with anybody. But having met Tony, I think the trust was there very quickly, and the rapport was there very quickly. That really mattered to me, in terms of talking about things that feel important, but also feel very private to me. 

The initial challenge was one of just understanding the current situation. Over time, your finances just increasingly get more complex, and so I just wanted to stop and think, ‘right, okay, what is actually going on? What is my current situation’ even before I got into ‘where do I want to be in a few years?’ 

Over the years, Tony has been great at helping to clarify my current situation, he’s helped with inheritance advice, he’s helped with cash flow forecasting as well so I can be really clear about where I’m going. Also things like life insurance, which has just been great to make sure that I’ve got every base covered.

The overriding feeling is one of reassurance, really it just feels reassuring and very settling to be working with Tony and Velocity in particular, just knowing that everything that needs to be covered, is covered. 

I don’t think I’d feel anywhere near as reassured or settled or confident around my financial future if I hadn’t actually had any involvement with Tony or with Velocity. 

The three words that I would use to describe Velocity and Tony would be “trust“, “expertise” and “fun“. 

I really appreciate the efforts that Tony and Velocity go to and it’s the little touches, everything from suddenly sending me a houseplant, through to being invited to meet other people who have been looked after at a whole range of different events, which I’ve really valued and really enjoyed. 

The best thing about working with Tony is probably the rapport, the expertise that comes out as a result of our conversations, and more importantly, the action that takes place. I feel spurred into wanting to do something after having spent time with him, which makes me feel much better about my finances and the future. 

I’d strongly recommend Velocity. I think when you’ve found an organisation where you know the people have got great expertise and can be trusted in what I think for many people is a very important part of their life, it’s really great when you find a partner like Tony and Velocity.