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Meet Tony

As the founder of Velocity Financial Planning, my purpose is to help people identify their ideal life and to align their finances to their ambitions, with a clear roadmap to living it.

I started in the profession back in October 2009 and have been advising since November 2013. For those 11 years I’ve asked and listened to highly successful individuals about what they want to achieve from life, and what’s stopping them from living it. But I started to feel hypocritical asking such questions if I wasn’t prepared to explore it personally. I’ve worked for some of the best firms in the business but always had a desire and vision to create & build my own business. My answer was that I was never going to feel personally or professionally satisfied until I gave it a go. Having done so, I feel a greater connection to my clients now than ever before, knowing that I’ve walked the walk.

Day to day I spend my time meeting with clients and creating financial plans. I am a techie at heart, so I hold a number of specialist qualifications.

Whilst I’m happy to chat through the detail, most clients aren’t! And to be honest, I much prefer the behavioural aspect of dealing with people. My niche is as a transition specialist. Classical economics is built upon the premise that individuals operate on rationale, when in fact, we all know the world isn’t black and white. I have recently completed a course in behavioural finance and this area of finance plays as big a role in my business and with clients as the traditional aspects.

I’m naturally curious and love getting to know people and what makes them tick. When financial planning is done well, it can transform lives. There aren’t many professions in this world that can make that claim.

It’s both a pleasure and a privilege.


Tony in the spotlight

Three things that make your day a good day…

Great food, great coffee, great company!

Something you absolutely couldn’t get through your day without…

A snuggle from Bertie!

How do you most like to spend your time outside of work?

Listening to and playing music, cycling, following Manchester City, reading & horology.

If this were an Olympic sport, you’d be a gold medalist…

Minesweeper – the game that used to come free old school PCs. God knows why.

The last book you recommended to someone (and why)…

Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life. With everything that is going on I don’t think there is a better time to read this one.

3 dinner party guests….

Peter O’Toole
Jimi Hendrix
Leonardo Da Vinci

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EBI Portfolios provide us with investment expertise. That means we can concentrate on what we do best, financial planning. Partnering with EBI allows us to bring science, efficiency and innovation to our investing strategy. Their investment management and philosophy combine more than six decades of market data, Nobel Prize-winning academic research and behavioural finance understanding.

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We are part of the Sense network. Sense provide us with technical and business support services and the framework to ensure all our operations remain compliant and efficient. They also provide us with the market-leading back office system we use and our client portal, which allows you to access information about your money securely at any time.