Bertie & Rosie

Meet Bertie

Bertie is a ‘goldie’ or golden retriever. He’s two years old, but still as mad as a hatter. He has an in-built puddle/water radar and can track one out from miles away to sit in.

He loves people and being fussed which makes him a great Front of House! He’s also an expert shredder, but not just rubbish! You’ll often find him asleep on the job though.


Key skills:

  • Shredding
  • Napping
  • Putting people at ease

Meet Tony

Chartered Financial Planner and Founder, BA Econ MSCI IMC APFS

As the founder of Velocity Financial Planning, my purpose is to help people identify their ideal life and to align their finances to their ambitions, with a clear roadmap to living it.

I started in the profession back in October 2009 and have been advising since November 2013. For those 11 years I’ve asked and listened to highly successful individuals about what they want to achieve from life, and what’s stopping them from living it. But I started to feel hypocritical asking such questions if I wasn’t prepared to explore it personally. I’ve worked for some of the best firms in the business but always had a desire and vision to create & build my own business. My answer was that I was never going to feel personally or professionally satisfied until I gave it a go. Having done so, I feel a greater connection to my clients now than ever before, knowing that I’ve walked the walk.