Meet us

Meet Bertie & Rosie

Bertie and Rosie are ‘goldies’ or golden retrievers. Bertie has been here since the beginning and Rosie joined the Velocity team in 2022 – both are as mad as hatters and have an in-built puddle/water radar so they can track one out from miles away to sit in!

They both love people and being fussed which makes them great ‘Front of House’! They’re expert shredders (unfortunately not just rubbish), and you’ll often find them asleep on the job.

Key skills:

  • Shredding
  • Napping
  • Putting people at ease


Bertie in the spotlight

Three things that make your day a good one?

  1. Belly rubs
  2. Walkies
  3. Din-dins

Something you couldn’t get through the day without?

A good run around, playing with our doggie friends

If this was an Olympic sport, you’d be a gold medallist?

Bertie – getting fussed

Rosie – Shredding